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It is with slight indifference that I write this long overdue explanation about abandoning raceplay, mainly for my own closure.
Other things have kept me busy but when I came back from Chicaco in March.... other thoughts had already taken over my mind.... a whole new world that’s been grateful, thankful and appreciative of my presence... where I can make real differences in the lives of others.
That’s one thing that I never felt raceplay truly provided. I wanted it to but I don’t think it ever did.
It really started when one nigger I had written off wanted to come back in my life. I had written him off for well disrepect (ALL of this comes down to disrespect). I tried hard but I didn’t have it in me to EVER forgive him for his actions... there was nothing he could have done to make up for it. WHich sent my mind spiraling to ALL the times that I’ve put myself out there and gotten lied to, lied to, ignored, ghosted which all equals disrespect. These are from niggers who say they’re into it blah blah blah... makes no sense to me why they’d make this effort.
I was really old school with my style of raceplay.... not 100% traditional old guard ways but I respect the sanctity of a traditional master/slave RELATIONSHIP and many of the so called “raceplayers” out there, this was just a passing fetish.I don’t know, maybe they were too conflicted internally about accepting themselves as a nigger & that’s what leads to ghosting, internal conflicts, lying, whatever. All in all it’s too little too late. I was SO PASSIONATE about raceplay, racial superiority and the lifestyle and that made me vulnerable. I am a product of my experiences and yearning for raceplay made me frustrated, angry at niggers, annoyed, alone with my thoughts.

I’ve never been happier than I am right now... it was gradual.... it had probably been a month before I realized that raceplay wasn’t in my thoughts anymore & greater things have replaced it. And the thing is... I didn’t miss it. I never fully realized my potential in raceplay & I wish I had tried harder in hindsight. It was a good run
RIP Raceplay Summer 2012 - March 2018

I’ll still make raceplay videos when I find models that shoot it of course. You can download them here!


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nigger willie J roman III Michigan
Publicly humiliating nigger Willie J roman III

So I'm a pretty private person & I don't share a lot of what my vegas nigger & I do as well as other things I get up to in my life, but I will share with you a day from Fetishcon 2014 where the stupid nigger above ( nigger willie j roman III from Detroit, MI ) CATFISHED ME & embaressed me in public & how I dealt with it.  I'm sharing this with you because it'll probably most likely turn you on if you're a nigger.

So this stupid ugly old nigger basically catfished me with old pics & blurry pics of himself for months. I had no idea he'd look like he did & he also had some fucking weird physical handicap which HE DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT.  I'm ALL for being honest & he totally wasn't honest about anything that he talked about ( I have no dislike for people who are actually handicapped). This was before I owned my local vegas nigger.   We had been chatting for awhile & he had a great imagination about plantation slavery & made me believe he was ready to come to Fetishcon 2014 & be my slave nigger 24/7 for 3 days .  There were other niggers I wanted there but realistically he was the one who could get the time off work & financially make it. ok great. We planned our outfits for each night (talked about in a previous post) and did a bunch of planning, etc etc. 

So when I picked him up, I was very unhappy about being catfished but I tried to make the best of the situation. hey at least I would have someone assisting me while I was shooting right??? WRONG. First he couldn't listen to any instruction I gave him, not even the most simplest basic task.  Then the more I'd repeat myself, it was like he'd TRY HARD to defy anything I said. Seriously??  When I give instruction I try to be as clear & concise as possible & I expect you to execute it. 

Fast forward to that night at the Meet & Greet party. He's dressed in plantation slavery clothing, his name tag says “N WORD” and he's in chains (pic above). Not only is he defying almost all my basic instructions & commands, he SMILES IN THE PIC ABOVE & when people would come up to chat he would loudly tell them  “I'm just roleplaying! I'm not really into this”  WHAT… THE… FUCK…. after hours of frustration & public embaressment over having this pathetic excuse for a nigger I finally snapped.  I pulled his chains downward with such force that he fell forward. I made him kneel despite him trying to resist both physically & emotionally & I started berating him loudly & kicking him on his side, his arms & kicking him on his thighs. Ophelia, who was standing across the room, swears she saw me kicking him in the head & this is what she tells people to this day.  I was so fucking furious at that point.  Then a male midget who was watching comes over & wants to kick him too! Yay, nigger kicking party!  Anyone who saw this I guess assuming that I was a domina/dominatrix, which I am not, lol. so that was annoying!!!   No I don't want to whip you… lol

So I finished hanging out with my friends & then proceeded to walk the 3 blocks through downtown Tampa, back to my hotel.   I dragged him so violently through downtown while VERY LOUDLY verbally berating him & slapping his face. I'm pretty sure I spit on him as well.  I demanded an explanation to his insolence & defiance to which I received silence, which angered me even more.  There was a busy downtown bar with an outdoor patio section & I'm sure everyone saw the entire thing; the dragging in chains & the humiliation, etc etc.  I have NO CLUE what their reactions were as I was too pissed off to care or notice, not that I would care on a good day.  The best was when I dragged him through the hotel lobby & the staff were all colored folks. LOL.   Anyways, the next day he wrote some fucking email about how he talked to God that night & he was embarassed with all those people watching him & he did his people a disservice, he repents his sins & blah blah blah. I don't give a fuck. You wasted a LOT of my time, my efforts, and also a spot that another nigger slave could have taken. You fucked up my Fetishcon trip.  I had to pretty much ignore him for the next 3 days because I'm there to shoot content for my fetish sites & I did what I came there to do, just like I do every year for the past 7 years.  He couldn't even assist me in shooting because of his inability to listen to instruction & his physical handicap that I didn't know about. 

So I try to leave the past as it is. I told him never to contact me again & I never contacted him. My hubby gave me a lecture that I should have video skyped with him first & to have a talk with my local nigger about what he's going to get into with me at Fetishcon 2015 next month & that he understood what it will be like to be debuted as a nigger in public. Ok, great. Did that. So guess what?? Out of nowhere, fucking nigger willie J roman emails me saying he's going to be in Vegas soon & if I would want him to service Ophelia & I!?!?!?! WHAT… THE… FUCK… you don't fucking mock me boy. Hmmm I wonder what his wife will think of all of this…? She had no clue because he lied to her about everything. 

The thing is… if he wasn't ready to be debuted as a public nigger that's fine… don't lie & insist you are.  If you started freaking out in public, say the safe word & then communicate it to me & I'll stop what I'm doing. I'm a fully reasonable & empathetic human being, but not when I'm taken advantage of & made a fool.

Just letting you know that I normally update the Tumblr blog with all my newest videos instead of updating here. So just bookmark the Tumblr blog & clip store & you're pretty much good to go in terms of keeping up!
Also here's some more captioned raceplay photos for you good niggers!
I'm going to stop posting here but in case you wish to find me in other places, my Fetlife name is Missysplantation
& my Instagram is @iolanitroi

More racial humiliation captioned photos for you nigger haters, nigger lovers & just plain ole niggers!

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- An audio gift for all you poor orphaned NIGGERS with no owners here, who love to workout & need some extra motivation of being reminded WHY you need to workout.  I hope you like it!  My voice is really horrible & grossssss….. ewwwww.  Just ignore how gross my voice is & make sure the speakers are turned DOWN when you listen to this.  It'd be hilarious if it was blaring at the library.   I enjoyed making it as it was really hot!

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White racist teacher Ophelia takes you to Nigger School! Super hot video where you makes you repeat after her, calling you different racial names after teaching you that you're "different" from the white kids in class. Download this video!

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More fun raceplay with Ophelia where she catches you in the whites only bathroom & makes you lick her dirty bare feet!
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Oops! I always forget to post about new video updates here... but I'm on TUMBLR if you wanna see all the trailers now! I usually upload them there first. Anyways, here's the download links to download TRAILER 2 & TRAILER 3.

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Missy (me) invites Cheyenne Jewel to check out her dads slave ship & it sure is smelly in there with all these sweaty negros all caged up in there. Hey, we even brought some bananas to tease these big monkeys with… super fun times! Maybe some of these negros might wanna jack their big negro cocks off after seeing women for the first time in weeks.
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raceplay nigger whipping clip video

Oh here's a fun one with not one, two but three girls to whip you and call you names... raceplay overload!
You answer an ad looking for a black waiter & when you get there, the white lady looks you up & down & tells you you have to wear a white loin cloth for this gig. You need the cash so you do. She's entertaining a couple of girl friends & they seem to think they're better than you & start using racist terms, calling you Nigger & other totally un-PC names for black folks. They talk about slavery & think that you should be taught a lesson so that you know your place in life, which is beneath all non-black women! They use their belts to whip you in turn, calling you names & hardcore humiliating you for being black. The host, Ophelia, thinks it'd be funny if she enslaved you again, so that she gets free help in the house... the asian thinks it's a fantastic idea since they love free stuff!! They walk about how they're going to treat you in your new life & how fun it is & kind of erotic it is to WHIP your coon ass! DOWNLOAD THIS FUN PARTY WHIPPING CLIP!

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Ophelia hit my vision of this scenario BANG ON. "Lovely pale & sensual Ophelia plays an innocent, racist & ignorant (and super adorable!) white girl slyly watching the black repairman with curiousity. She's never been this close to a black man before & uses innocently un-PC terms to call you. She decides that NIGGER must be an OK term because she hears others using it. She laughs at your big nigger lips & nose & wants to see if the rumors are true about the BIG NIGGER DICKS! She practically BEGS you to see your cock & you pull it out! She's so delighted it's big as those slutty NIGGER lover girls say & she really wants to see you jack it for her! She's so cute & innocent when she uses racist terms & loves to giggle in delight at the whole situation. She wonders if your cum is white or black so you pump it hard so you can show her. What a dirty lil white girl she is... making this negro jerk it in the kitchen like a dirty gorilla... She SQUEELS in delight as you cum all over!! Ophelia is great at being innocently ignorant with a very sensual touch! Enjoy jackin that thick nigger dick to her boy!

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Race play & racial humiliation isn't just for black men apparently; I've been getting a couple requests from asian & indian men who are feeling left out of getting degraded by these lovely white women! Well here at my clips store, every single race gets a fair chance at being made fun of! See, I'm 100% in support of equal opportunity. So NEW GIRL Ophelia does an amazing job of emasculating the small ASIAN penis here in this clip that hits all the asian male stereotypes & combines a nice jerk off encouragement & SPH (small penis humiliation for all you fetish newbies! I can acronym all day mofos!) Ophelia plays the innocently ignorant & mean girl in your school & yes, she does say the word CHINK multiple times... how else are you gonna get off?? ASIAN SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION CLIP!

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I had a couple requests for white girl bullying a black girl so I decided to use a black doll to stand in & it looks pretty good on camera. I may use that idea for the guys too... having a black male doll in the future. So this clip combines smoking & race play bullying & stereotypes plus she also ashes on the dolls head. DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW!

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This one's a custom request involving being tied up, whipping and then getting pegged by a big white strap on in the ass! You're at a club & you grab a white girls ass! They lure you back to their place where they give you a rufied cocktail & you pass out... when you wake up, you are all tied up & the girls tell you how they hate dispespectful niggers... you can see in the pics what happens next. This was a super fun clip to shoot since there was a lot going on & I do think it could've been a couple mins longer in total... but it does cover a lot of bases with lots of mean racist words towards African-American men! GET THIS VIDEO NOW! and for those who wish a 1on1 session with Miss Livvy, check out her webcam!

Ok, I'm just going to take this time during breakfast to rant a little bit. I just came back from Fetishcon where I got to work with a lot of talented hot fetish models for all my fetish sites. Now if you don't know... raceplay is the one that is my actual kink so I'm VERY VERY picky about how the acting is done & how the words are said. First of all, it's hard enough to find girls who are willing to do it & feel comfortable with the scenes & words since it will come through if they're not 100% cool with the word nigger. Secondly, when I find someone who is down to shoot this... they don't fully understand what type of mindset I want her (the mistress) or the viewer to have. It's not about blatant hate or racism... when I saw the words it's about kink & love... Is that really super confusing? "Say the word Nigger with relish & love" and they look at me like I'm an alien, LOL. Arghhhhhh... so I'm not very happy with the clips I shot at Fetishcon but maybe you'll like em. I can't wait to shoot more with Livvy (the blonde mistress in the scenes below) and I'm also thinking about BEING IN THE SCENES MYSELF, just so I can set the tone, pace & the story as I have such high expectations when I start thinking of the little vignettes. The reason why I haven't been in the videos is (other than I hate how I sound & look) I'm an asian female. So would the videos be still as good with an asian female in them?? I'll leave that up to you...

This is one of my all time favorite scenarios, shot on the fly with no preperation. One day I'd love to shoot a real slave auction reenactment and period costumes... Here's the video: You got sold today at the underground slave auction where they were having a 2 for 1 sale. The lady that bought you doesn't need 2 NIGGER slaves so she brings you over to Livvy's house because she apparently killed her last house nigger. Livvy proceeds to inspect you like cattle, looking at your teeth, your eyes, touching your firm muscles & looking at your bare ass! She inpects your big black cock & is impressed by it's size! She eventually wants to breed you so she demands that you "make seed" for her, telling you to jerk off. While you stroke that huge darkie cock, her and her lady friend discuss how they WISH it was like the old days when slavery was legal & you can own slaves & beat them normally, unlike now where it's underground. They long for the old confederacy days, oh well. Now they just have to keep their slaves hidden. You cum successfully and Livvy approves your sale. Now you are hers to do what she tells you to... DOWNLOAD THIS RACE PLAY VIDEO NOW!

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MODERN RACIAL SEGREGATION SCENE. You're very hot & tired in the sun & sit down on a park bench, but you're new in town & didn't know that this is a whites only bench & coloreds have their own sections in a different section of the park. A white lady walks by, sees you & is horrified that you're sitting on the wrong bench!! She orders you off and makes you kneel down in front of the bench while she sits down & takes off her high heels, getting ready to punish & humiliate you in public for this horrible disrespect. She's admonishing you the entire time, calling you racist names, all types of vile words, not just the N-word! She is disgusted at your behaviour and tells you to open up, gagging you with her sexy pale bare feet. She makes you lick between her toes cuz you're nothing but a dirty nigger & keeps berating you. She sees a couple friends & tells them of the situation & how she's teaching you a valuable lesson through humiliation. VERY RACIST with lots of different words, terms, just like it was during the racial segregated times in history. DOWNLOAD THIS CLIP NOW!

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This is one of my dream racial humiliation video scenarios... You're a black cable installation guy & your'e working at a guys house when he steps out for an emergancy. His blond daughter comes home & she's been raised a racist by her dad & brought up in a small town, never seeing a black man until moving to the big city recently. She's confused at why there's a NIGGER in the house & calls her dad. She peers at you innocently and curiously & the things that come out of her mouth are so racist because she's ignorant. She uses the Nigger word a LOT! and she heard from this -lover slut at school about how big nigger cocks are and how they all have big monkey dicks. She wants to see your nigger dick of course... and she encourages you to jerk off while she watches & calls you names. "INNOCENTLY" RACIST WITH USAGE OF THE N-WORD LOTS PLUS LOTS OF OTHER RACIST WORDS. Yeah you want it... so DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Welcome to my TABOO RACEPLAY site... if you're a black male who find the words Nigger, Coon, Darkie coming out of the mouth of nice lookin white women turning you on... if you've ever had plantation slave sexsual fantasies... if the thought of getting owned by a white (or other non-black) woman using your race as a humiliation factor... get on board! I started filming my own racial humiliation clips because I found the other ones for sale on CLIPS4SALE were very grainy, solo webcam models who don't fully understand the fetish but just yell a bunch of racist terms to the camera & not providing a story. I wanted real life stories in a modern age, to set a scene at least that could be somewhat believable... at least you could wish for it anyways. Clips4sale is a site that allows anyone to produce & sell their own fetish videos to download. So if you've never seen that site before, just add the clips to cart, pay for them & then you download them to keep forever!

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